Vaxa proudly works with organisations across Australasia and the Indo-Pacific, creating start-to-finish solutions that help organisations grow and succeed.
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Vaxa helps commercial, government, and for-purpose organisations to identify, analyse, solve, communicate and deliver on strategic and operational challenges.

Our portfolio of companies

What we do

Founded in 2014, Vaxa crafts stand-alone and bundled solutions for commercial, government, and for-purpose organisations across data and business analytics; communications, engagement and marketing; and end-to-end solutions design for critical industries.

Our People

Vaxa’s team has extensive experience across key fields including solution design, strategic engagement, training and curriculum development, trade facilitation, procurement, supply chain and logistics, planning and facilitation, data analytics, software development, media and communications strategy, content marketing and crisis management.

Curtis West


Curtis West, who heads Vaxa Analytics, is an outcome-driven and highly motivated data analytics specialist, business analyst and software engineer who helps commercial and for-purpose organisations work smarter. Driven to improve commercial outcomes, and well versed in dealing with technical and non-technical stakeholders, Curtis is particularly adept at delivering results despite constrained resources or infrastructure, while still integrating with existing processes and systems and directing the change management process. He is able to assist businesses end-to-end, including auditing to find issues or shortcomings, advising and consulting on existing problems, and developing and implementing solutions.

Todd Crowley

Managing Director

Todd Crowley is director of Vaxa Bureau and managing director of Vaxa. A business development, strategy, engagement and management professional, Todd has more than 20 years’ practical experience designing and delivering business and operational solutions within the Asia Pacific and Middle East regions. Todd has delivered strategic, operational and tactical results across many fields, including supply chain and logistics, not-for-profit/for purpose, aviation, defence and national security and agribusiness.