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Working within client procurement roles has provided me with insight when seeking to secure contracts through competitive tendering. You won a tender – well done! After the celebration, then seek feedback. When working in procurement roles, it was always a surprise to me how many times successful contractors didn’t seek structured, formal feedback about their
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By Dr Mark Harvey, Founder and Program Director, Raise the Bar There is no question that the scope and variety of post-COVID-19 corporate risks and opportunities will overwhelm the unprepared. The question is whether your preparation is so shallow it will leave you stuck in the swamp of the recent past like a lumbering dinosaur
In early March 2020, as Australia was becoming more aware of the impacts of COVID-19 within our local communities, commercial organisations and governments were scrambling to analyse and secure supply chains of medical PPE and other vital equipment required by our frontline health workers and hospitals alike. Vaxa’s compact, nimble team of data analysts, software
Everyone knows that Vaxa Group Managing Partner, Todd Crowley, is a big softie but he’s shown his generous side recently by throwing his support behind a charity that is helping raise the literacy skills of children in South Sudan. Todd has been using his experience in the for purpose/not for profit world and logistics skills
In delivering ethics and integrity programs to the broader geographical region, the team at Raise the Bar are pleased to announce a new partnership with Fidelius. Fidelius will be our new Certified Partner in South East Asia.  Fidelius Sdn Bhd is a specialist corporate advisory company with expertise in corporate governance and human capital (Ethics
By Michelle Connelly, Associate – Stakeholder Engagement and Communications, Vaxa Group The Government’s social distancing measures for COVID-19 present new and unusual challenges for the extractive industry, but that doesn’t mean you can drop the ball when it comes to engaging and communicating about your project. In fact, it is more important than ever to
Remember the last election, when your email account and mobile phone were bombarded with messages from aspiring politicians? It was basically a scatter gun approach based on the belief that if they sent their message to 1000 people, 10 of them might read/hear it and react positively. What election candidates ignored was the fact that
A slab of beer for the whole newspaper office. That was the punishment bestowed on any journalist who came back to the office with a story featuring a giant cheque handover. And don’t get me started on what we had to pay the editor if we came back from covering an accident, Council, parliament, news
By Todd Crowley, Managing Partner, Vaxa Group Key takeaways In designing a premium campaign, consideration should be given to integrating all elements of the value and supply chain in order to ensure the product is genuinely differentiated in the market. Branded foods return a premium yield as brand value has more relevance than supply alone.
At Vaxa Group, we are focused on helping your business grow. And because your success is our success, we are also enjoying a period of growth which has seen several new clients come onboard and new experts join the Vaxa Group team. So it’s a perfect time to give our website an update. Vaxa Group
Organisations competing for the philanthropic dollar need to make transformational decisions within to meet the future challenges of a consumer driven market. In line with this organisational shift it is important that they move from being a “sponsorship partner” to a more sophisticated partner of industry, government, non-government and corporate sectors. The first step is
Listen up now. I previously promised I would tell you about Golden Rule #2 when dealing with the media and introduce you to a lovely young lady named Tiffany and her colleague Brad. So, Golden Rule #1 of dealing with the media was not avoiding the tough questions but seeking professional help from people who

The tale of two clubs within 24 hours

Within just 24 hours I recently visited two community clubs, less than 20 minutes’ drive of each, and had two completely different experiences. One was a sporting club at the end of our street. The club had just undergone a renovation, which boasted a large kids’ room so we thought we would take our toddler
You don’t spend 40 years in the media without learning a thing or two. This ain’t my first rodeo, as they say in the classics. And of the many things I have learnt during those four decades, I believe the most valuable from a corporate communications perspective is knowing what journalists in the media like
Clients often ask us to what extent stakeholder engagement is needed on projects requiring regulatory consent, where stakeholder activism can delay or threaten approvals. It’s the classic dilemma for project managers of commercial-at-risk projects, especially within the resources, property and urban development sectors. There is so much at stake, such as land holding costs and
The 2019 Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) in Fiji highlighted three key issues: Firstly, the importance of the immediate threat climate change poses to Pacific Island states; secondly, the risk for Australia in not recognising that its “Security and Integration” strategy needs a climate change theme or element to its delivery; and, thirdly, while not overtly
Australia is heavily reliant on refined fuel imports from South East and North Asian suppliers.  Much of that supply comes via shipping that moves through or close to the increasingly contested South China Sea. Over the past 10 years, three of Australia’s oil refineries have closed and domestic production has decreased by a third as
A recent attendee at an ethics seminar spoke to me about her enthusiasm to arrange a Raise the Bar analysis of her organisation, as she now understood and could articulate to her senior leadership, the whole-of-organisation benefits of a proactive approach to encouraging professional conduct and improving systems for dealing with unethical practices. She explained