Vaxa Group is a strategic, integrated professional services firm working with companies, governments and NGOs to identify, communicate and grow business and operational needs. We provide ideas, strategies and solutions, which produce outcome-driven results.
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Vaxa Group covers the spectrum of supply chain and integrated logistics for projects.

Project support

Vaxa have extensive experience delivering and supporting logistics and supply chain solutions across the Asia Pacific, Middle East and Africa on behalf of our clients. We understand the commercial drivers behind project delivery, as well as the enduring business opportunities offered by delivering a project to completion.

From building teams to covering all operational requirements, we cover the whole spectrum of supply chain and integrated logistics for projects. This includes logistics and supply chain coordination pre-preparedness, planning and executing the supply of rapid responses for humanitarian solutions and supporting Defence and National Security initiatives.

Our team of commercial contractors and retired Defence personnel are AGSVA cleared.

Our range of services within this area includes:

  •  Risk and Crisis Management
  • Provision of specialised, deployable teams
  • Strategic planning and execution
  • Strategic engagement
  • Product positioning
  • Government relations
  • Commercial planning, reporting and business intelligence
  • Inventory control
  • Scenario, event and response planning and simulation
  • Disaster management plans and response evaluation
  • Financial controls
  • Compliance
  • Cost control methods and supply management systems    Business continuity planning