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Project Description

Project Description

Vaxa Group is regularly engaged by Noosa Council to help secure grant funding from Queensland and Commonwealth Government sources to help capitalise strategic projects beyond the reach of Council funding.

While 2020 projects were diverse, including funding applications for a new tourism attraction and a start-up technology hub, Vaxa Group personnel applied a consistent and robust QA approach to respond to Government requirements.

This included advice on a ‘win strategy’ and identifying strategic advantage in a highly competitive grant environment. Vaxa Group personnel coordinated and led the drafting, including contributions from Council subject matter experts. Our team also provided advice on financial and operational solutions to ensure competitiveness, including a detailed Cost Benefit Analysis.

The outcome – Both targeted grant applications were successful, with project implementation commencing in 2021. The value of the grants is greater than $3.5m which will create new infrastructure and enduring regional employment and business opportunities.  From a large available pool of consultants, Vaxa Group is now Noosa Council’s preferred grant management consultancy.

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