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Defence Logistics – Air, Land, and Sea
Project Description

In 2015 ASX listed logistics giant Qube approached Vaxa to establish and grow a government logistics support unit, Qube Government Services.

Vaxa’s key personnel possessed over 20 years’ experience in identifying, winning and delivering contracts across Defence, Disaster, and Humanitarian logistics, having supported numerous organisations including the United States Navy and Marines, Australian Defence Force, Royal New Zealand Navy, Indian Navy and Airforce, Royal Canadian Navy, Australian Border Force, Department of Foreign Affairs, United Nations, World Health Organisation, and more.

Our team had operated in austere environments across the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia Pacific to deliver complex programs of significance.

Vaxa embedded key contract management and service delivery managers within Qube to assist with the business development and corporate communications required to posture for and win new business for Qube based on Vaxa’s past performance and Qube’s balance sheet.

Our ideas, strategies and solutions assisted with the combined effort to identify, communicate and grow Qube Government Services’ operational and business needs.

Vaxa’s subsidiary STRATLOG brought existing contracts into the fold, including the Indian Navy and Airforce and Republic of Singapore Navy.

From this base, the Vaxa team undertook Government Relations, Strategic Engagement, Competitive Tendering and the use of our extensive personal relationships across the various regions.

Our teams regularly work with Government organisations on large scale logistics planning exercises including Talisman Sabre and Pitch Black.

Project Outcomes

The Vaxa team identified, won, and provided operational teams to deliver revenues of over $40,000,000 in the first 18 months.

Contracts won and delivered since 2015 included:

United States Navy Ship Husbandry Contract

Royal Australian Navy SONPAS Contract

Australian Defence Force Land Transport Panel

Australian Defence Force Maritime Panel

Republic of Singapore Ship Chandlery Contract

Indian Navy Ship Husbandry Contract

Indian Airforce Ground Handling Contracts

Japanese Maritime Self Defence Force Ship Husbandry Contract

Indonesian Navy (TNI-AL) Ship Husbandry Contracts


Project Details
Qube Government Services