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Defence and Government – Bundaberg Regional Council (BRC)
Project Description

Bundaberg Regional Council (BRC) is a Queensland Local Government Authority strategically located near Shoalwater Bay Training Area (SWBTA), an Australian Defence Force training ground, who support the Australian Singapore Military Training Initiative (ASMTI). In September 2018 BRC awarded Vaxa a package of work following a competitive tender process, to undertake a Defence Attraction Study. Our tasks included the design of a strategy to provide uplift to local Bundaberg businesses to position and support ASMTI initiatives and operations.

Following this, Vaxa was engaged by the BRC to raise, train and sustain local Bundaberg industry to become “Defence Ready” – a program that prepares local businesses to support Defence prime contractors and Defence organisations.

In addition, Vaxa has been awarded communications contracts to assist the BRC with Strategic Infrastructure Value Proposition positioning papers whose audience include both State and Commonwealth Governments.

The outcome – provision of practical, actionable strategy to position Bundaberg for increased Defence spending and ensure the readiness of local businesses to realise commercial opportunities within the Defence sector.

Project Details
Bundaberg Regional Council (BRC)