Vaxa proudly works with organisations across Australasia and the Indo-Pacific, creating start-to-finish solutions that help organisations grow and succeed.
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Vaxa has two complementary businesses that deliver a full suite of services:

About Vaxa

Founded in 2014, Vaxa crafts stand-alone and bundled solutions for organisations across Australasia and the Indo-Pacific.

Offering a full suite of start-to-finish solutions, its team of highly skilled experts possess experience across key fields including solution design, strategic engagement, training and curriculum development, trade facilitation, procurement, supply chain and logistics, planning and facilitation, data analytics, software development, media and communications strategy, content marketing and crisis management. 

Vaxa encompasses three complementary businesses which help you to identify, analyse, communicate and grow your organisation:

* Vaxa Analytics supports brands and organisations to identify, create, unlock and analyse the potential in their data.
* Vaxa Bureau is your trusted and secure source of information, products and services to prepare and advance critical industries in Australasia and the Indo-Pacific.

Working together or independently, the three businesses have a proven record of success, built on decades of experience. They are your trusted partners in growth and success.